Fortunate Ink is one of the hottest graphic design and tshirt shops in Orlando, Florida.

Fortunate, Inc. was founded in 2009 by a stay at home mom who started a home based manufacturing company making her own line of educational products.  People were so impressed with her products and marketing materials they wanted her to manufacture their prototype and make their marketing materials and it quickly grew into a service based company for others. 

Since the company was growing so fast it had to be seperated into different businesses to make sense.  The educational products became Teach Me Mom and the prototypes and marketing materials remained under the name Fortunate, Inc. which became the parent company.  The marketing materials consisted of embroidered shirts, bags, hats and jackets and stationary with the customer logo.

Customers wanted more marketing materials without having to go to different places to get things done so we added graphic design, heat transfers and vinyl lettering which allowed us to make custom tshirts and signs.  Customers were referring people to us left and right and we were starting to get alot of large tshirt and uniform orders so we started doing screen printing. 

Screen printing took Fortunate, Inc. to another level and Teach Me Mom was moved to the back burner.  Teach Me Mom didn't stop adding to its product line but it didn't market and try to get exposure either because tshirts took over.  Providing all these different services was overwhelming and cluttering up the house and Fortunate, Inc. needed a bigger place and employees.

We found a nice little storefront 5 mins. from the house and signed a 1 year lease just to see how things would workout.  The name Fortunate, Inc. didn't describe the services we offered so we were trying to come up with a name to put on the building that would explain what we did.  We tried so many names but nothing set right and family and friends suggested we keep the name because they liked it.  Since everyone liked the name and all of the business documents already had Fortunate, Inc.  I just created a DBA and replaced inc with ink.  So the store was named Fortunate Ink.  Fortunate, Incorporated bacame a parent company to Fortunate Ink and Teach Me Mom.

We had the store for a year and it became increasingly difficult to train people, produce orders, be a full-time soccer mom and be at the store and be at the house trying to oversee production at both places.  In addition Staples was closing and the shopping center had been sold so we decided not to renew our lease and move all production back to the house and just be exclusive.  So Fortunate Ink became an exclusive screen printing and embroidery marketing business.     




Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm
Sunday:  CLOSED
We are exclusive and by appointment only.  
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